Seth: The spiritual teacher that started the
Introduction To Seth

(These include additional Seth excerpts that are not on the sethlearningcenter.org website)

This MP3/CD contains selections of Seth speaking on a variety of topics along with explanatory notes by Rick Stack, former student of Seth and Jane Roberts and President of New Awareness Network. The track headings are provided below. To receive your free MP3/CD fill out the form below and we will send it out to you. If you are in the US and would prefer a CD, please allow 7-14 days for delivery we will even cover the shipping. If you are outside the United States please select MP3.

  • Track 1 - Who is Seth?
  • Track 2 - Physical reality as a training system
  • Track 3 - Your beliefs form reality
  • Track 4 - You get what you concentrate upon
  • Track 5 - Scientific and Religious Beliefs
  • Track 6 - Gods couched in creaturehood
  • Track 7 - Inner senses & direct comprehension
  • Track 8 - Global limiting belief systems
  • Track 9 - Being your spontaneous self
  • Track 10 - The Higher Intellect
  • Track 11 - Abandoning yourself to the energy of your being
  • Track 12 - The natural inclinations of man
  • Track 13 - Overview of the Seth material
  • Track 14 - Trusting the inner self

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